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How to Play Slots

Slot machines are considered as the simplest and easiest game ever hosted in both land-based establishments and online gaming sites. Today you can play slots games in just a few seconds directly from your phone wherever you are. Just download the mobile app from Gaming Club Casino at and you are ready to go. This laid-back game will not require its players to formulate strategies to succeed in slots. They just need to pull the lever - or push the spin button in the online platform - and let the reels do their thing in the machine.

But before anyone can play slots and win real money, it is very essential to understand the fundamentals of this reel game and learn the basics of slot machines and this is where can help.

Slot Features

Slots may be regarded as an easy-to-learn machine for anyone - especially for beginners. But just like any other game, players need to familiarize themselves on the unique features and terms related with slot machines. Thus, some of these include unusual gaming terminologies for newbie machine users. Slots and other popular casino classics can be played by looking for the best casino promo codes. Our favourite site for coupons and vouchers is where players can look forward to claiming both deposit and no deposit codes to explore their favourite games at top online casinos.

Coin Sizes

Similar to any other machine-based game, slots also require at least a specific wagering amount before players can start a game with it. Most slot machines work from a minimum 0.10 credits up to a maximum of 1 coin per spin. Since there are already numerous slots with different gameplay and themes available in the industry today, players should expect varying credit requirements in various machines. Moreover, identifying the minimum coin size requirement of machines also determines the maximum payout it may grant in winning combinations.


Another vital feature to look out for in slot machines before placing any wager amount is their payout table or paytable. This determines the maximum rewards slots have to offer to its players, as well as the possible combinations to win these payouts. It also enumerates the various paylines - designated lines on the screen which determine winning combinations - available in the machine. This will avoid players from getting confused on how they are winning or losing on the reels. Paylines are also unique from one machine to another so players should check them out first before spinning the reels.

Paytable also shows other special incentives and bonuses from the machine. These are usually rewarded by special combinations and characters found on the reels.

Special Reel Characters

Players should also expect various special in-game characters and symbols spinning on the screen as they play online slot games. Thus, the most common bonus symbol found in most slots today is the wild symbol.

Wild symbols, also called wilds, are unique reel characters which replace any other symbol on the reels to complete a winning combination. This may also trigger other bonus features for some slot machines.

Similar to the effect of wilds is another special symbol found in select slot machines in the industry. The expanding wilds also replace any character on the reels - which extends to the whole column - to complete a winning line. This increases the odds of winning big in any slot game since the covered column is now a line of wild symbols which may complete more combinations.

There are also stacked wild characters which appear in 2s, 3s, or more. These stacked wilds also improve the winning odds in completing combinations on the reels.

Players should also watch out for special scatter characters - which are scattered on the reels - as these may trigger free games and bonus rounds. Scatters are unique reel symbols which may appear anywhere on the screen and instantly reward bonus spins to the player. These characters may also activate mini-games or bonus rounds within the game which may reward multipliers or instant payout values.

Land-based VS Online Slots

As mentioned, players can either visit their local gaming centers to play slots or log-in with their online gaming accounts and enjoy the reels virtually. They can win real money in both platforms which only differ in select features.

Land-based players need to secure slot coins from their participating establishment. These are usually bar-coded credits which have varying values. Once they have decided on which machine they will wager on, they must review the coin value this machine accepts to start a game. After entering their desired wager amount, players can now pull down the lever of the machine for the reels to spin.

They will just have to wait for the machine to stop spinning before they can determine whether they have complete winning combinations or not. Players may also refer to the available paytables found on these machines to check if they have won any reward or bonuses.

There are also innovative machines available in these establishments wherein players don't need to pull down levers to commence the slots. They just need to press buttons on the machine or on the screen - some slots are already touchscreen - to control game actions.

Meanwhile, players can also control slot machines virtually and right in the comforts of their own homes. Compared with actual slot machines, online reels are usually automated and don't need any lever to start spinning. Players just need to press several buttons to choose the number of their active paylines, as well as their coin value and quantity. They can also select the auto-spin feature of these online slots which allows the game to automatically spin the reels for its players. Detailed paytables are also available in the online platform for their player's reference.