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Slots with Progressive Jackpots

Aside from winning different payouts in various games, players are now after the huge jackpot at stake in different progressive jackpot games hosted in both the online and offline platforms. Jackpots in this type of games increases every time a player place a wager but doesn't win any jackpot amount. A small percentage of the played wager is added to the jackpot at stake. Progressive jackpots are usually hosted by different slot machines in various gaming sites and land-based game centers today.

Currently, there are three types of this slot machine jackpot system. These are the Standalone, Local, and Wide Area Network Progressive types. Each has different population scope and jackpot values with another. It is advisable for beginners - even regulars - to familiarize themselves on these types of progressives. Have a free demo preview by playing on top-notch USA no deposit online casinos. Click here and get redirected right away.

Types of Progressive Jackpots

As mentioned, there are three categories for progressive jackpots. Standalone progressive jackpot system is usually found in a specific or standalone slot. The progressive jackpot at stake is from the accumulated wagers of a single slot machine only. Some players may see this advantageous since less competition will be made against other players on getting the jackpot. But maximum jackpot amount with this kind of system is usually under $10,000.

On the other hand, local progressive slots feature a jackpot amount from all slot machines linked together within an establishment. The jackpot at stake usually depends on how many slot machines - which are linked together - are hosted in these establishments. The more linked reels are present, the larger the slot machine jackpot at stake. Players are advised to check their gaming establishments on their local progressive slot hosting as its jackpot can rack up to $1,000,000.

Whereas, slot machines with Wide Area Network progressive jackpots are the most played games in the industry today. Slots with this type of jackpot system are linked with other slot machines across multiple gaming sites and establishments within the same region. With its wide scope and coverage, slot machines linked with this progressive type can accumulate as much as $1,000,000 of jackpot at stake.

This huge jackpot amounts will surely create a competition amongst slot players worldwide - decreasing anyone's winning odds. But players need not to fret as here are some tips on how to succeed in these huge jackpot games.

How to Win in Progressive Slots

Players should be aware that to win these progressive jackpots at stake, they need to play with the maximum wagers possible. It may not be advisable to play with max credits in any slot machine, but the chances of winning big in progressive slots is very slim - so why don't take the risk of getting the jackpot.

They should also check jackpot meters before placing their wagers in any progressive slot machine. These are usually large, brightly colored meters which shows the progressive jackpot at stake. Players can spot them above the actual slot machines for land-based gaming; and within the gaming sites for online players. It is important that their target jackpot is obviously huge to somehow justify their played wagers. Thus, to know if the jackpot amount has been reset because someone has already won it.

Players should also accept the fact that their playing a game of chance. They don't need any strategy or gameplay to be successful in slot machines. All they need to do is place their wagers, pull down the lever or push the spin button, and let the reels define their luck. However, it is important that they know how to manage their playing credits to increase their winning odds. They don't just splurge on wagering, but they should be mindful on the streak they're getting - whether a winning or losing one.

Online Progressive Jackpot Games

Since slot machines with progressive jackpots are gaining prominence in the industry nowadays, several game providers have been developing this type of games for various gaming sites. Thus, one of the most popular progressive slot titles ever introduced in the industry is Megabucks.

Megabucks is a product of the great minds from International Game Technology (IGT). This wide area network progressive slot machine offers an initial $10 million jackpot to its players. It can go as high as $39 million before someone wins it. Megabucks winners can either receive an annuity for a lifetime or cash out their winnings.

Other progressive slot games which can win players massive payout amounts on the reels include know titles like Mega Moolah by Microgaming which offers more than a $1 million stake, Wheel of Fortune also offers annuity mode of payment, Elvis which is themed after the popular icon of the same name, and Mega Fortune which has several versions for its players to enjoy.

Aside from slot machines, several video poker machines and blackjack tables also host progressive jackpot games. Some of the popular game titles which have progressive jackpot are Caribbean Stud Poker and Triple Sevens Blackjack which offer generous amounts of their progressive jackpots.